Discover what drives you, your Zone of Genius, and your subconscious blindspots,
so success becomes natural.

Description of the DiSC Assessment:

DiSC measures your personality and behavioral style. It does not measure intelligence, aptitude, mental health or values. DiSC profiles describe human behavior in various situations, for example how you respond to challenges, how you influence others, your preferred pace and how you respond to rules and procedures.

What You’ll Discover in Your Personalized Thriving Life Debrief:

• Zone of Genius: You’ll discover where you are naturally gifted. Once you recognize these traits, you can expand on them, increasing your confidence and making success easier.

• Blindspots: Fears often drive actions, having a profound effect on your future. These fears create our blindspots and blocks. Once you have awareness of these subconscious traits you gain control of them.

Improve Communication: You’ll discover hacks to know others’ personality styles within seconds. This will help you know how to communicate more effectively, improving relationships with your partner, family, and business associates.

Motivation: Discover your strongest motivators, (the things that make you want to jump out of bed) which will help you in planning your future.

• Your Future Story: Your coach will guide you in creating your new, more inspired personal story. This exercise will become a part of your subconscious, reinforcing your decisions and actions to pave the path to your incredible future.


Includes: 50 page assessment packet and 60 minute personalized debrief session

“I reached out to Midori and she provided me with an in depth analysis of my strengths, weaknesses, and overall personality. She helped open my eyes as to where I could be most successful in life and truly provided me with incredible motivation to achieve my goals.”  – Haeden Suter

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