How to Create Your Personal Mission Statement to Amplify Your Life

A personal mission statement puts your life in crystal clear focus, aligns your core values, passions, and natural talents. And if that’s not enough –  it also invites opportunities! It helps you live a life on purpose that’s fulfilling and empowering. This article will help you create your own.   Benefits of Your Personal Mission […]

How Health Accountability Transformed My Life

Health. It’s been on all our minds this past year. We can’t get away from it. Not to mention the added balancing act of working as business owners from home and separating work from the rest of our lives, finding time and space to exercise, and all the extra stress that 2020 dropped into our […]

My PhD Journey: Why Accountability is the Game Changer

Being a business owner takes a high level of discipline. One has to be highly disciplined to run a business, right?! In spite of my own highly disciplined habits, there’s been one area where it’s been no match for what was required: my PhD journey. For the last few years, I’ve been working towards my […]

Want to Step Up Your GOAL SETTING? You Need to Read This First

If you’re an entrepreneur or driven professional here’s the ultimate guide to goal setting for massive results. This approach has been scientifically researched and practiced by Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It’s a simple 7-step framework.