Fuel to Fire #1 Entrepreneur Accountability Group

Finalize Your Application + Claim Your 24-Hour Access

We need to verify you’re a real person before your application is submitted, so we charge a $1 application fee (the smallest amount allowed).

If you’re not approved? No worries, we’ll refund your $1 immediately.

Please note: A large percentage of applications are not accepted. We need to ensure we have driven entrepreneurs who fit with the Fuel to Fire culture of being action-takers, and who care about uplifting other members in their pursuits.

Please note: Separate from the $99/month membership, there’s a one-time registration fee of $199.

“Let’s do it. Here’s my $1 app fee. I also understand that upon approval, I get instant access to…” 

  • The 1-Page Business Plan template 
  • The Mental Factor Program
  • Goal-setting guides


The Mental Factor Program includes a video series and framework by Mindset Coach and co-founder of Fuel to Fire, Midori Verity. It will clarify your strengths and weaknesses, core values, and passions to set yourself up for high-level success and fulfillment. Until now it had previously only been offered to her VIP clients.


Yes, I understand that I’m submitting my $1 application fee for Fuel to Fire Entrepreneur Group, and that my application will be approved in 24 hours or less. If approved, I agree to be billed the $199 one-time registration fee + $99 for the first month of membership for a total charge of $298, and that my application fee will be applied toward this. After the first month of membership, I will be billed $99/month.