One of the biggest hurdles all of us entrepreneurs face is our brain. Cultivating a mindset for success can seem about as easy as an amateur gardener trying to grow a garden of celery in the middle of winter – in a desert. At the same time, you have no running water.

If you have a negative mindset or have self-doubts, your performance in anything (and everything) will suffer.

Negative mindsets are the most significant gateway to self-sabotage there is, and that’s even less fun than eating dessert-grown celery, that’s for sure.

So how can we all work towards a mindset for success? It’s not easy, but the idea is simple. Let’s look at the power of a positive mindset and learn from those who have clearly made good on their brain training.

● Olympic athletes practice visualization of winning. Michael Phelps spends hours each day visualizing every arm stroke and leg kick to the win.

● Steph Curry, the golden child of the Warriors, when asked by a reporter if he thinks he’s the best player, he responded, “In my head, I’m the best in the world.”

● Robert Kiyosaki, author of ‘Rich Dad. Poor Dad’, stands backstage and visualizes his presentation before stepping in front of the audience. He’s given 100’s of speeches but does this practice each time. 

Warning – If you interrupt him, he’ll shoot fire out his eyes at you! Just ask my friend who had to dart the flames. She’ll never make that mistake again!

● Do you have a presentation you need to make; do you stink at sales calls; do you doubt your professional capabilities. Even if you’re the best at what you do, your results will reflect it if you don’t believe it.

● Do you believe you can do it? You must! Visualize yourself absolutely crushing your goal, and think of what it will feel like…now!

There’s even better news: we can all overcome sabotaging beliefs. Yes, even the one where you’re two potato chips in, and you think, “I might not be able to ever stop eating these.”

Believe me; I get it. Fortunately, here’s how to conquer the “bet ‘ya can’t eat just one” potato chip challenge and more enormous mental obstacles.

Three steps to crushing your negative mindset

  1. Awareness: Notice your limiting beliefs and negative self-talk

Try your best to be the observer of your thoughts. Are you telling yourself you can’t do something? Are you constantly dipping that hand back in the potato chip bag without thinking? Be aware of how you’re talking to yourself and curb it before it gets to be too much.

  1. Action: Create a blueprint with deadlines, practice positive mindset techniques, daily consistency

It is that easy. Write it down, make it happen – think about your mindset and take care of yourself every day. Once you get used to it, you’ll never want to go back to being a Negative Nancy (or Negative Ned) again.

  1. Accountability: Find a mentor or reliable person to stay accountable to.

If you want to make a significant leap, hire a professional. This works for a few reasons: You won’t feel guilty about taking their time (because you’re paying them with your hard-earned money. He/she won’t accept excuses. They will support and guide you to achieve your objectives much quicker. Jackpot! It’s well worth the investment to pull the lever on a slot machine that wins every time, and an accountability partner is absolutely that!

With a positive mindset, you can and will succeed, and you can make huge strides at being fantastic every day. No, I can’t guarantee you won’t eat those extra chips – but I can guarantee with some focus and determination, you’ll definitely deserve them after a week well worked! 

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