Health. It’s been on all our minds this past year. We can’t get away from it. Not to mention the added balancing act of working as business owners from home and separating work from the rest of our lives, finding time and space to exercise, and all the extra stress that 2020 dropped into our laps. So, how can we get unstuck and take accountability for our health despite everything else going on? 

I asked myself that very question back in 2015. As a business owner, I was working way too much and too late, not exercising, eating too much fast food, and not making time to cook, let alone to do grocery shopping. And I was paying the price for it—I was 60 pounds overweight and it felt like my health had been thrown in a dumpster and that dumpster had been set on fire. My whole life wasn’t working and I knew I needed help. However, I also knew that a diet or health goals alone wouldn’t be enough. I needed accountability. That was the only way I would be able to make the impact I wanted to on my health and life. I didn’t simply want change, I wanted to create new healthy habits and a new mindset to keep me moving forward. 

So, I turned to health coach Gayle Rose to help me and began four years of an amazing new journey. Now, what was different about having accountability with Gayle versus going it solo? To start, we had weekly coaching calls where I had to track my eating, exercise, and sleep behavior for the week and review it with her. Secondly, Gayle would show up at my home to exercise with me. And believe me, there were plenty of days I wanted to skip it. But she was there waiting for me—I had to show up and do it. By having those one-on-ones, setting weekly goals, AND leveraging accountability to achieve those goals, I was able to do what I set out to. I lost most of the extra 60 pounds and was keeping it off and, more importantly, I completely transformed my health and my life!

By 2017-2018, I had built a foundation that included a daily exercise practice and enough discipline to take things to the next level. Even with all that I had on my plate as an entrepreneur and a single mother, I was now able to be accountable for my health and stay on track. And, it turns out, I was ready to face a new health crisis: I discovered I had an auto-immune disease. I won’t lie, having that wrench thrown into my new lifestyle was hard and it meant even stricter adjustments to my health and eating habits. But I was able to make those changes because I had built up that discipline by learning accountability with Gayle. And you know what else? I dropped another 20 pounds!

And then came 2020! Now, even with my past experience, my new foundation of health was no match for all that this past year threw at us. For a lot of new and experienced business owners, this past year only brought more stress into our lives, and my auto-immune protocol diet went right out the window! By the end of the year I found myself coming back to Gayle. Except this time I knew that I had to level up my health accountability if I really wanted it to stick. This time, I invited others to join me and Gayle, creating a small group made up of my clients. And let me tell you, it really made all the difference. I got back to my exercise routine and my healthy diet and I’m feeling great again! And I now have the extra support of a group of women, all entrepreneurs like myself, who have similar health goals to my own. 

Looking ahead at this new year and 2022, I’m now moving forward with new goals and intentions and a greater level of accountability in place to help me achieve them, no matter what happens next. My intention is to look and feel my best for a big stage event in the Spring of 2022 and to continue to be at my healthiest so I can enjoy a long life without any further auto-immune complications. Even after a few speed bumps along the way, I know that I would never have gotten this far with my health if it wasn’t for a constantly evolving structure of accountability. I can’t imagine what my life would look like now without it. 

So, tell me, what are your health goals for 2021?

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