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Midori Verity and Erin Joy have had to pivot their businesses many times over the decades to stay competitive or adapt to industry changes.

However, they noticed an alarming trend for entrepreneurs, resulting from the Covid response.

Many colleagues were frozen from anxiety and overwhelmed by fear. Other business owners saw their businesses dry up virtually overnight and didn’t know what to do or where to turn.

These entrepreneurs’ stability disappeared as they struggled to keep their businesses afloat and care for their families.

Coming from a business coaching background, Midori and Erin naturally wanted to help. They share a belief that independent businesses are the backbone of communities.

So, the two ladies joined together to launch Fuel to Fire’.

Fuel to Fire is a community that supports driven leaders by offering the Entrepreneur’s Triangle to Success: accountability, structures, and guidance.

Their vision is to create a global organization that empowers entrepreneurs to achieve and amplify goals, resulting in a massive positive impact for their communities.

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