Fuel to Fire #1 Entrepreneur Accountability Group

Goal Optimization Deep Dive

Opportunity to Get Hyper-Focused on Activating Your Goals

Midori Verity
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Work 1-to-1 with Midori Verity to create the road-map for hitting your big goals with clarity and
momentum. Optimize your next 90 days!

What it is – 60 minute call focused on:
● Identifying your greatest business opportunities
● Alignment with your core values and passions
● Setting-up the road-map to make goal achievement simple and clear

Outcome you can expect:
1) Activated goals due to getting laser focused and developing clear actions to achieve your big objectives.
2) Maximize your ROI from Fuel to Fire Accountability Group
3) Increase motivation and momentum
4) Create more brain space and less wasted time
5) Set yourself up for success

Act now! Book your Goal Optimization Deep Dive

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Investment: $499