How Your Mental Frame Affects Performance

One of the biggest hurdles all of us entrepreneurs face is our brain. Cultivating a mindset for success can seem about as easy as an amateur gardener trying to grow a garden of celery in the middle of winter – in a desert. At the same time, you have no running water. If you have […]

How Accountability Drove Fuel to Fire’’s Launch

I can think of no better way to start a new business than what my partner, Midori Verity, and I have done with Fuel to Fire. As experienced entrepreneurs, we both knew that in order for our business model to succeed, we had to succeed in trying it ourselves. Since our business is about accountability, […]

Want to Step Up Your GOAL SETTING? You Need to Read This First

If you’re an entrepreneur or driven professional here’s the ultimate guide to goal setting for massive results. This approach has been scientifically researched and practiced by Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It’s a simple 7-step framework.

The Entrepreneur’s Success Triangle

The game of entrepreneurship depends on three key traits – accountability, systems, and guidance. Here you can understand the entrepreneur’s triangle of success.

Have You Quit Goal Setting in Your Business?

Have you ever set a significant goal for your business, but it feels like you’ll never reach it? Learn the goal-setting formula which makes achievement a consistent practice.